Gold Award – Planto

Planto has been building a financial planning app with secure in-house bank integrations allowing users to sync their accounts and show one view of all their finances to track spending, income, investments. They called it “Effortless Money Management”. Integrating with 6 banks including HSBC, Bank of China, Hang Seng, DBS, American Express and Standard Chartered, it provides a portal for users to share their chosen financial data with relevant financial institutions, advisors, insurance companies to seamlessly apply and get financial services. The aggregate and categorize transactions help people understand where and how they are spending using statistical and categorization algorithm in order to guide users towards financial wellness and regular savings. Planto aims to work with banks and financial institutions as trusted partners in future era of Open Bank APIs in Asia. Planto will launch in Hong Kong in December 2017.

Silver Award – QUICKER

QUICKER is a mobile app which you can order food without queuing. The platform allows customers to select from the restaurant menu, order, pay and be notified when the food is ready for pick up. One of the unique feature is that after the payment is made, the order docket with a QR code would be printed directly in the restaurant’s kitchen, and as the food is ready, the staff would scan the QR code and customer would receive a notification for pick up. Easy, quick and stress-free! The platform is completely digitalized from order to pick-up. Restaurants will be charged for data-driven advertising and other data analysis, such as market prediction. QUICKER can be applied in food courts, canteens, fast food shops, street snack shops and even dine-in restaurants. It is designed to fit into restaurant operations with minimal integration.

Bronze Award and Biggest Impact Award – WeCareBill

WeCareBill advocates for “Health Cost transparency”. In Hong Kong and around the world, prices for medical treatments are known to have a large price range. Patients often have little choice in terms treatment methods, and, for the larger part of the population, they are required to wait for treatment in public hospitals causing their conditions to be worsened due to delayed in treatments. Private medical practitioners see this weakness in the health system, they may decide to employ unreasonable billings, especially for patients with insurance cover. These inflated prices would ultimately be passed back to the policyholders, causing the insurance to increase year after year. The artificial inflation will make health insurance less affordable, meaning more burdens for public hospital and healthcare in Hong Kong becomes less accessible. WeCareBill is an InsurTech social enterprise using crowdsourcing to collect medical bills, blockchain to analyze the medical bills and the associated treatments. Machine learning allows for recommendation and increased transparency for treatments direct to the patients through a mobile app.

Most Popular by Audience Award – Shopway

Shopway is an app that generates a customized shopping route at one click away from users, leveraging individuals’ shopping intelligence. Shopway stands on the edge of Fintech with its innovative integration of machine learning with location positioning.  Large chain retailers monopolize consumers’ choices as they make up over 70% of the retail outlets in shopping centers. The domination has minimalized the survival chances of social enterprises and any businesses in the sunset industry. With Shopway, the shopping routes can be customized to be sync with friends, families who know your interests and shopping habits.  This is done by machine learning with data collection and processing, the data regarding users’ background information, their previous consumption pattern are used for analysis. Hence, enhancing the personal experience for the users as the analytics further develops.