Incu-Lab ICE Days in StartmeupHK –

My 10 Years of Computer Vision and Innovation

Andrew Pang, 

Founder and CEO, Leovation


Date: 2 Dec 2013 (Monday)

Time: 6pm – 7pm

Venue: Incu-Lab, Unit 2102, 148 Electric Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong

Language: Eng / Chi

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Andrew Pang Profile

Mr. Andrew Pang is the Founder and CEO of Leovation Limited. Before joining Leovation, Mr. Pang is the founder of PlayMotion Limited in Hong Kong, provided unique interactive experiences using mixed media technologies such as motion-capture, augmented reality, and RFID for all ages alike. Under his leadership at PlayMotion, the company received several accolade awards in Asia for Best Startup Company, and HKICT Grand Award and Gold Award for Best Digital Lifestyle in 2006 & 2007 respectively. Graduated in 1988 from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Technology in Industrial Engineer, Mr. Pang had helped established new digital initiatives for world-renowned companies such as Nike and Universal Music. Mr. Pang ability to sniff out new emerging technologies had help him to become a pioneer in digital signage and mobile music publishing business among his peers in the digital media industry in HK and China.

Organizer : Incu-Lab


Co-organizer: Community Development Initiative

ICE Days (Innovation and Change-making Entrepreneurship) in

StartMeUp Week of InvestHK, HKSAR Gov

Incu-Lab ICE Days (Innovation and Change-Making Entrepreneurship) is an idea sharing marathon, about innovation and creative entrepreneurship. Local and international audience of innovators and entrepreneurs will understand more about the situation.

A wide range of topics will be included: open source, open data and social media development; trends of creative media industry; innovations in agriculture, social economy and city planning; the stories of tech startups, companies and social enterprises; techs that can help the underprivileged and all sorts of ideas that can change the society in an innovative way.

We have also invited Mr. Kim A. Salkeld, JP, the head of Efficient Unit, HKSAR government, to talk about SIE fund and social innovation.

The Incu-Lab ICE Days is supported by InvestHK of HK government, and is part of the Startmeup Week of InvestHK.

Startmeup Week will be happening from the 2 – 7 December 2013 in Hong Kong! It will include the first Startmeup Venture Forum and many amazing events organised by the Hong Kong startup community.