All local and global change-makers, ICE Days is BACK!

5 Days! 5 Topics! 21 Speakers!

Join us now to understand more about the rapid development of the startup scene in Hong Kong and Asia!

As a part of StartmeupHK Festival 2017 (Jan 16-20) organised annually by InvestHK, ICE Days is a 5-day idea sharing marathon in which change-making entrepreneurs and insiders will be sharing their insights and experience in different topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Event Schedule

Day 1 (Jan 16) Day 2 (Jan 17) Day 3 (Jan 18) Day 4 (Jan 19) Day 5 (Jan 20)
Venue WeWork InnoCentre HK01 Space Missolink InnoCentre
Addr. WeWork Tower 535, 20/F, 535 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay Classroom 2-3, G/F, InnoCentre, 72 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong HK01 Space, 127 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai Unit B, 12/F, King Yip Factory Building, 59 King Yip Street, Kwun Tong Meeting Room 3-4, G/F, InnoCentre, 72 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon
Topic Capturing startup trend (FinTech, Property Tech, etc.) in Asia/HK? Doing disruptive innovation startup changes the world? How to do growth hack for startup project? How to create social innovation and impact? How to develop a good innovative startup?
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Day 3:

How to do growth hack for startup project?

How to build and engage the user base of a startup project? Marketers, engineers and product managers, join this seminar to discuss with experienced entrepreneurs on different business development strategies and marketing experiments that lead to growth of a startup project!

Day 4:

How to create social innovation and impact?

Social problems are increasingly complicated and pressing nowadays. How could we ‘think out of the box’, create and sustain social innovation and impact? What are the opportunities for Hong Kong startups and changemakers to explore and tap on? In this dialogue, we have invited celebrated social innovators from different sectors to exchange their insights and experience.

Day 5:

How to develop a good innovative startup?

Innovation is rare. What is it meant to be a good innovative startup? How could we develop a sustainable business model while creating change-making impact? In this seminar, successful founders and entrepreneurs will share with you their success experiences and tips in developing a good innovative startup / organisation.

About ICE Days

ICE stands for ‘Innovation for Change-making Entrepreneurs’.

Incu-Lab ICE Days is an idea and experience sharing marathon about innovation and entrepreneurship, to let local and global change-makers to understand more about the rapid development of the startup scene in HK and Asia.

It is 4th time since ICE Days is organized by Incu-Lab. Last year, ICE Days 2016 involved 19 distinguished speakers sharing insights and ideas on topics such as startup entrepreneurship, social innovation and smart city, attracting more than 200 people attended in total.

About StartmeupHK Festival 2017

To celebrate and showcase Hong Kong vibrant startup ecosystem, InvestHK is organising the StartmeupHK Festival 2017 from 16-20 January. Delving into the evolving future of entrepreneurship and disruptive innovation, the week will feature keynotes, interactive how-to-sessions, hackathons, powerful lessons from seasoned founders and investors in sectors such as fintech, digital health, smart city technologies, IOT, retail innovation plus much more.

Come along to the 2017 StartmeupHK Festival and be part of the action!


Day 1:

Capturing startup trend (FinTech, Property Tech, etc.) in Asia/HK?

FinTech and Property Tech have been some of the hottest topics in town for a couple of years, as Hong Kong is one of the most important international business and financial centres in the world.

Abundant promising opportunities awaiting to be explored; yet, the growth of various innovation in Hong Kong is also facing tremendous competitions from neighbouring countries in Asia such as Singapore, Japan and Korea, which have all achieved thriving track records in their respective startup ecosystems. 

How could Hong Kong capture these startup trends in Asia? What are the exciting opportunities and threats to be aware of in the coming few years? In this session, we will discuss the latest development and trend of new tech innovation such as FinTech, Property Tech, etc. in Hong Kong and Asia.


The event was successfully held on 16th Jan (Monday) night at the marvellous space of WeWork Causeway Bay, surprisingly attracted more than 80 participants to attend in total! Speakers introduced the latest exciting development of their startups and discussed the upcoming various startup trends (including market opportunities and concerns) in Asia and Hong Kong during the panel discussion. At the end of the seminar, Charles Ng, Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion of InvestHK, generously gave us an encouraging welcoming speech in which he introduced the government’s recent initiatives and tremendous efforts in helping out startups in Hong Kong to grow and develop, both locally and globally.

Group photo with Charles (in the middle), speakers and organisers
More than 80 people attended!

Panel discussion

Day 2:

Doing disruptive innovation startup changes the world?

Come to exchange ideas and get inspired in this inspiring dialogue on how to create disruptive innovation startup and  change-making impact! Speakers come from diversified background and expertise to broaden your horizons, including FinTech service, sustainable retailing and digital marketing!


The seminar was successfully held on 17th Jan (Tuesday) at Innocentre. Speakers contributed valuable insights and reflections from diversified perspectives on disruptive innovation in their respective industries. Enthusiastic audiences interacted with them and created meaningful and inspiring dialogue.

Group photo
Panel discussion
Maxine Pruvost, Founder and General Manager of BEE Retail, on his Qlean project