How do we solve the catastrophe brought by global warming – using green technology to reduce carbon emissions and energy use; reforming social institution with carbon trade and carbon audit; or a fundamental change in the conception of sustainable development? We invite Dr. Lee Wai Choi, the former Hong Kong Observatory Senior Scientific Officer and famous science writer, to share with us social innovations that solve the crisis.

如何解決全球暖化帶來的災難?是使用綠色科技去減排節能、從碳審計碳交易等制度層面改革、還是從根本的思維及意識 形態 著手重新思考可持續發展?我們邀請了前天文台高級科學主任、現為著名 科普 作家的李偉才博士,講解社會創新如何解決全球暖化這生態危機。

Date:October 28, 2013

Time:6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Venue:Incu-Labspace, Unit 2102, 148 Electric Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong


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Dr. Lee Wai Choi

Lee Wai Choi is HK famous science writer. He was a secondary school teacher, former Assistant Curator at Hong Kong Space Museum, former Hong Kong Observatory Senior Scientific Officer and former Head of HKU SPACE Centre for International Degree Programmes. He contributes a lot in science education and was awarded as “The Ten Outstanding Young Persons” by JCIHK in 1985. He is currently the Chairman of Hong Kong Science Fiction Club, Advisory Committee Member of Hong Kong Science Museum and host of radio programme “Startide Rising”. He has over 30 publications on science education and fictions.

李偉才博士Dr. Lee Wai Choi

筆名李逆熵,香港著名科普作家。曾任職中學教師、太空館助理館長、天文台高級科學主任、 香港大學國際學位課程中心總監。一九八五年因致力普及科學獲選為十大傑出青年。現為香港科幻會會長、香港科學館顧問委員會委員,及網台節目「浩浩熵熵」主持人。至今發表著作逾三十本。