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 ToLight介紹 五位來自香港中文大學工商學院二年級生於2018年成立ToLight,敢於以創新方式改變普通的用餐體驗,增添社會價值和意義。 本年一月,五位共同來自中大工商學院參加大學學生組織創行(Enactus)的活動,同月在創行幫助下,他們首個團隊ToLight正式誕生。其實,這五位同學本來已經互相認識,是好朋友。雖然主修不同專業,但他們都共同對社會充滿期盼和熱誠–「我們希望讀書同時亦能作出更多貢獻社會的事。而在ToLight這個團隊裏我們皆運用各自專長,希望凝結大家的力量為社會出一分力。」

感謝各位的參與,由陳耀成導演拍攝的《撐傘》社區電影放映會已於1月30日(二) 晚上於香港兆基創意書院順利舉行。當晚有約50位參加者出席。 電影放映後也有提問分享環節,透過導演與參加者交流,期望彼此能深入探討香港民主運動的發展的點滴,以致前膽前面要走的路。

Incu-Lab is honored  to be a Collaborator with Asian Financial Forum (AFF) 2018 – Deal Flow Matchmaking Session and provided the speaker for the Project Presentation: Health Technology Session. The Deal Flow Matchmaking Session was a unique deal-sourcing and matchmaking to connect the sources of funds with sources of deals, which was organized by the Hong Kong Trade […]

All local and global change-makers, ICE Days is BACK! 5 Days! 5 Topics! 10 Speakers! Join us now to understand more about the rapid development of the startup scene in Hong Kong and Asia! As a part of StartmeupHK Festival 2018 (Jan 29 – Feb 2) organised annually by InvestHK, ICE Days is a 5-day […]

Gold Award – Planto Planto has been building a financial planning app with secure in-house bank integrations allowing users to sync their accounts and show one view of all their finances to track spending, income, investments. They called it “Effortless Money Management”. Integrating with 6 banks including HSBC, Bank of China, Hang Seng, DBS, American […]

感謝高重建與一大班朋友分享LikeCoin背後的意義。 為創作者帶來收入,為創作者創造一個健康的生態圈。 DCC 6.0:Emigration from Facebook and the Rise of Writer-Rewarded Contents 「數碼社區聚腳點」6.0:從臉書外移潮到寫手有賞內容之崛起 Kin Ko  高重建 Co-founder, LikeCoin and Lakoo LikeCoin創辦人、拉闊遊戲 創辦人 Kin KO is the Co-founder of LikeCoin, the social currency for user generated contents. Prior to LikeCoin, Kin cofounded Lakoo, a mobile game developer since 1999, backed by Tencent and Sequoia Capital. Kin […]

《星箭升級人才招聘會》是香港投資推廣署舉辦的 FinTech Education Week 活動之一 “Arrow4Star” Career Fair is as a part of  FinTech Education Week organized by InvestHK 星箭升級人才招聘會 事業人才創新               企業高質發展   Co-creative platform for innovative enterprises and creative minds 想事業有新發展?星箭升級人才招聘會11月4日中午12時在官塘 The Wave舉行,一於參加親身了解本地初創企業及其他知名企業的事業發展良機‧,一起創新香港,立即登記! ** 求職者即場登記成為香港好工網會員,就有機會獲得100港幣超級市場禮券。到時見! Wanna make some innovative moves in career? Lets go to Arrow4Star Career Fair at The Wave. […]