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Gold Award – Planto Planto has been building a financial planning app with secure in-house bank integrations allowing users to sync their accounts and show one view of all their finances to track spending, income, investments. They called it “Effortless Money Management”. Integrating with 6 banks including HSBC, Bank of China, Hang Seng, DBS, American […]

感謝高重建與一大班朋友分享LikeCoin背後的意義。 為創作者帶來收入,為創作者創造一個健康的生態圈。 DCC 6.0:Emigration from Facebook and the Rise of Writer-Rewarded Contents 「數碼社區聚腳點」6.0:從臉書外移潮到寫手有賞內容之崛起 Kin Ko  高重建 Co-founder, LikeCoin and Lakoo LikeCoin創辦人、拉闊遊戲 創辦人 Kin KO is the Co-founder of LikeCoin, the social currency for user generated contents. Prior to LikeCoin, Kin cofounded Lakoo, a mobile game developer since 1999, backed by Tencent and Sequoia Capital. Kin […]

《星箭升級人才招聘會》是香港投資推廣署舉辦的 FinTech Education Week 活動之一 “Arrow4Star” Career Fair is as a part of  FinTech Education Week organized by InvestHK 星箭升級人才招聘會 事業人才創新               企業高質發展   Co-creative platform for innovative enterprises and creative minds 想事業有新發展?星箭升級人才招聘會11月4日中午12時在官塘 The Wave舉行,一於參加親身了解本地初創企業及其他知名企業的事業發展良機‧,一起創新香港,立即登記! ** 求職者即場登記成為香港好工網會員,就有機會獲得100港幣超級市場禮券。到時見! Wanna make some innovative moves in career? Lets go to Arrow4Star Career Fair at The Wave. […]

ICE PITCH @ FinTech 2017 pitching night and speakers’ insight sharing was held at the InnoCentre on the 31 Oct 2017. Hosted by Incu-Lab in partnership with InvestHK and Hong Kong Science Park. InvestHK organized the Hong Kong FinTech Week to showcase the city’s vibrant FinTech ecosystem, and the FinTech Education Week promotes programmes from […]

DCC 5.0 is part of HKSAR Govt. OGCIO’s IT Fest 2017 在「數碼社區聚腳點」5.0,不同數碼社群管理達人將會分享他們如何透過數碼媒體的互動培養社群和爭取成員支持的心得,會議讓參加者交流意見,探討如何透過社交媒體把不同見解的人士連結起來。 同時,是次交流會以由創格工房會員運作的「社交媒體俱樂部﹣香港分部」的名義舉辦。在不久的將來,創格工房會推出更多有關數碼和社交媒體管理的活動,以協助數碼社群的進一步發展,為協調員、管理人、公民和不同社群的成員等充權。 DCC 5.0 is a dialogue event among digital community managers of different sorts about digital community development (i.e. how to make use of digital media to engage with their respective communities and the public). The event enables and facilitates further development of […]

Incu-Lab is jointly organizing the Mentoring Session with HKTDC as well as arranging Mentors (for Mentoring Session) and Investors / Accessors (for Startup Pitching Session) in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) X International ICT Expo 2017. Interested entrepreneurs and investors are invited to look for scalable projects and novel innovative ideas, expand network […]