Boris Johnson’s promise to give millions of Hong Kong citizens a path to UK citizenship is a remarkable offer from a government that has spent four years wrestling with Brexit so as to end the free movement of people from Europe.  Was that historical responsibility to Hong Kong?

約翰遜(Boris Johnson)承諾為數百萬香港公民提供英國國籍入籍途徑,對一個用了四年時間脫離歐盟的政府而言,這無疑是非常重大的決定。但這是為爭取自由的香港人所負的歷史責任嗎?。

Sharing Guest:

【 Nicholas Chan 】

  • Psychologist
  • Liberal Democrats campaigner for Hong Kong
  • Liberal Democrats
  • Co-founder of Friends of Hong Kong.

【 Jeff Au 】

  • Chief Strategy Officer, Community Development Initiative (CDI)

【 Michael Mo 】

  • Convenor, Community Development Initiative (CDI)
  • District Councilor, Tuen Mun

Date:27th Jun, 2020 (Saturday)

Time:4:00pm – 6:00pm


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